LifeTrons Ultrasonic Cleanser & Massager

LifeTrons Ultrasonic Cleanser & Massager

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What You Need to Know

I did a lot of reading of reviews before purchasing this and it has thus far proved to be as good as the reviews. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Lifetrons Switzerland provides an equally excellent service. My questions were quickly answered, and the product was shipped the next day.

Cleansing, micro-vibrations, microcurrents, negative ions, and ultrasonic are all combined into a single handheld device!

EMS microcurrents may help stimulate facial muscles to lift, firm, stimulate cell renewal, increase elasticity, and boost collagen reproduction — reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use

  1. Clean your face with facial cleanser and water.
  2. Turn on the device Long Press “P” button then you will see a Blue Green Light.
  3. Adjust vibration intensity: press + / – button
    1. Blue: weakest
    2. Green: medium
    3. Pink: strong
    4. Red: Strongest
  4. Massage and clean your face for about 3 minutes
  5. The front of the brush head is designed for cleaning both sides of your nose.
  6. Press “P” button twice to activate EMS mode and press “+” for Positive Ion Mode for 3 minutes
  7. After cleansing it’s time for skin care, use your natural skin care products
  8. Press “P” button twice to activate EMS mode and press “-’ for Negative Ion Mode for 3 minutes
  9. Power off – Long Press “P” button. Clean the brush head and dry cloth or tissue

Overall Design

Negative ion ultrasonic massage may help improve blood circulation, activate skin cells, and deliver skincare nutrients deep into the skin’s layers. Water resistant to IPX5** standards, it’s ideal for your facial cleansing routine.

It works so well because it incorporates cleansing, micro-vibrations, microcurrents, negative ions, and ultrasonic into a single #innovative device. The soft silicone cleansing head is extremely gentle, and I appreciate that it is also waterproof. The micro-vibrations feel wonderful as they cleanse and exfoliate my skin, unclog my pores, and remove all of my excess makeup.

Ease of Use

Use the Lifetrons Ultra 3-in-1 device to reveal skin that is more youthful, firmer, and lifted. The 3-in-1 design features integrated microcurrent, low frequency micro-vibration, and red photon light technology, making it ideal for your anti-aging skincare routine.

Microcurrents may help contour and tone the facial muscles for a lifting and firming effect on the skin while also enhancing absorption of the active ingredients in your skincare.

Results (Before & After)

I’ve been using this device for a while and it’s helped me with some skin issues. I use it every day because it is waterproof and safe, and it makes my skin look amazing after each treatment.

Pores either shrank significantly or vanished entirely. As a result, I would recommend this item to anyone who is sick of spending money on beauty products and wants to see real results!

Is it Worth it?

Yes! Definitely!

It offers excellent skin care and facial massage. The device is simple to use and clean, and it is small enough to travel with. My skin has improved; it is cleaner, smoother, and more radiant. This device is ideal for me because I dislike long skincare routines; its treatment is effective, takes little time, and my skin looks great after using it.

LifeTrons Ultrasonic Cleanser & Massager
LifeTrons Ultrasonic Cleanser & Massager
Reader Rating1 Vote