This device is a toning device uses microcurrent device lifting and T-Sonic pulsations. It has a built-in anti-shock system. The Bear offers both targeted full facial with dimensions 57mm x 56mm x 32mm.

FOREO BEAR: What You Need to Know

The BEAR mini features the same microcurrent technology as BEAR™ in a mini version with three intensity levels that address the initial signs of aging on smaller areas of the face. T-Sonic™ pulsations provide an energizing facial experience.

FOREO BEAR: How to Use

Step 1: Make sure to clean your face first. Step 2: To turn it on, you simply press the middle of the silicone-wrapped body once. Lights come on, indicating intensity levels 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest intensity of electrical current.

Note: You can double-press to turn the accompanying T-Sonic pulsations on and off. It automatically switches off at the end of the three-minute cycle, but you can also long-press to turn it off earlier.

Step 3: Split your face into the aforementioned three sections, going horizontally from chin to neck to midface, then using upward motions for forehead and neck.

Step 4: Clean your face with clean water and tap with towel.

Make sure to use this device twice in a day for better result.

Overall Design

The device is small and this makes convenient, you can carry it anywhere you want and use it anywhere you want. The bullets of the device helps the small area of the face to get reach, and easier to contour.

Ease of Use

With daily use, I could see a noticeable change in my complexion. My skin looked firmer and more toned with my fine line appearing reduced. I felt that my features looked more sculpted, particularly that cheekbones and my jawline. It didn’t take too long to begin noticing these changes either which was a pleasant surprise.

Results (Before & After)

My wrinkles are visible before but when I start using the device it help my face look young and fresh. Indeed microcurrent results are most visible when you use the device consistently, over an extended period of time.

FOREO BEAR: Is it Worth it?

I would highlight recommend this device. It is a great way to achieve firmer and tighter skin without a trip to a Beauty doctor and it costs a fraction of the price.

Foreo Bear Mini
FOREO BEAR Mini Review