NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device Review

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NuFACE Mini – What You Need to Know

FDA approved the NuFace Mini uses microcurrent technology to stimulate the surface of your face & neck to improve contour & tone

Reducing fine lines & wrinkles through this non-invasive facial lift.

NuFACE Mini – Features summarised

Small microcurrent facial toning device

Aesthetician approved and clinically tested

Stimulates facial and neck area to reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

5 minute or 15 minute treatment suggestions

NuFACE Mini – Overall Design

It’s not as premium feeling as others – but the price you’re paying is for the unique technology being used.

It’s really simple to switch on and use – so from that aspect – the design works well.

NuFACE Mini – Ease of Use

it’s super easy to use – doesn’t require any additional tech like an app – it just beeps when you need to reset the position on your face

You can choose to do a quick 5-minute facial – or a more advanced 15-minute lift.

NuFACE Mini – Is it Worth it?

You guys certainly think so – and you’re not alone. We’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a facial toner device

It’s not cheap – but using it frequently as per the instructions – the results certainly do speak for themselves

NuFace Customer FAQ

Does the NuFace Mini Work on Jowls?

Customer feedback says “it’s definitely firmed up my jowl and chin area. It was easy to use and it all looks firmer and brighter than before. I just need to keep using it”

Is the Nuface Mini as good as the full-size model?

Technical details certainly suggest so – the output of each device is 335 microamps so from a pure power perspective it’s exactly the same. So results should also be

NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device Review
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Reader Rating3 Votes