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FOREO BEAR- What You Need to Know

Foreo is such an incredible brand in the facial toning and cleansing space. So for them to come out with this facial toning device you knew it would be something special.

Quite literally a workout for your face

With an incredible app that has pre-defined routines completely taking the guesswork out of the process, it truly is incredible.

FOREO BEAR – Features summarised

Programmed routines all within the Foreo App

5 intensity levels depending on skin type

Pulsations T-sonic system – gently massages the face

Anti-shock system – Scans and measures skins thickness to adjust the intensity

Uses microcurrent technology stimulates facial muscles to firm your skin


STEP 1 – Prep

Make sure both BEAR and your face are clean and dry, with no remaining residue. Then apply a thin layer of SERUM SÉRUM SERUM evenly across all areas of the face/neck you wish to treat.

STEP 2 – Start

Press the universal button to turn BEAR on. Adjust microcurrent intensity by quick-pressing the button once for each level, and double-press to turn off T-Sonic. Access more options via app.

STEP 3 – Lift

Lightly press both metallic spheres to your skin & slowly glide the device upwards across your cheekbones & forehead, around your lips & over your jawline & neck as desired, with light pressure.

STEP 4 – Finish

Once finished, press & hold the universal button for 3 seconds to turn off the device. Then either pat any remaining serum into your skin, or rinse and pat dry your face & device as preferred.

FOREO BEAR – Overall Design

It’s a small pocket-sized device that looks great. With various colours it certainly

FOREO BEAR- Ease of Use

You really need the app for this to work well – so if you don’t have the ability to sync it with an app – then I wouldn’t recommend it.

It also has to be used with FOREO’s conductive serum to make sure it’s safe to use and help results.

However, if you do – it’s so simple. The app really does the work for you.

Definitely plus points for ease of use!

FOREO BEAR- Results (Before & After)

The before and after were definitely noticeable over an extended period of time. You just really need to stick at it.

FOREO BEAR – Is it Worth it?

Absolutely – the links below will take you to the best places to buy one – this in no way impacted our review!

Foreo Bear Menu, 5 Of The Best Skincare Devices At Home
A painless facelift!
FOREO have truly delivered something special here. You really need to give this one a try.
Reader Rating1 Vote
Easy To Use
Noticeable before & after results
Great functionality
Looks great
Impressive form factor and easily portable
App is a must - have
The Serum is also needed - so a good supply is needed