Trophy Skin RejuvatoneMD Review

Trophy Skin RejuvatoneMD: Features summarised

  • Instant Neck and Face Lift: 5-minute skin treatment for fine lines and wrinkles
  • Anti-Ageing Skin Care: Protein synthesis and cell metabolism support that support ATP
  • Tighten Skin: Skin detox cleanse reconstitutes collagen and elastin with higher adenosine levels
  • Radiant and Youthful Skin: A good skincare routine will help you look your best
  • Trophy Skin: We provide everyone with knowledge and tools to feel beautiful, special, and important

What You Need to Know

Instantly improve facial tone and wrinkles all over the face and neck by using gentle microcurrent technology to stimulate facial muscles. The instant lifting effect that is noticeable in just a single 5-minute treatment. EMS / Microcurrent technology that stimulates facial muscles to “work out”.

How to Use

Step 1: Apply a pea-sized amount of Microcurrent lifting gel to each probe

Step 2: Turn the power button on.

Step 3:The LCD screen will turn on indicating intensity Level 1, treatment mode Toning.

Step 4. Touch the ON/OFF button again for Lifting mode. Select your mode lifting or toning – rotating modes for each treatment

Step 5: Adjust the intensity level as you desire.

Overall Design

Rejuvatone is more than just another facial massager. Trophy Skin uses electrical muscle stimulation to exercise your facial muscles.

The device charges in the provided USB cable and has a smart touch sensor that turns on when it is in contact with your skin, otherwise, it uses regular touch sensors and sends an alarm if someone opens the door. Small size, for travel!

Ease of Use

The Smart Touch Sensitive Device is a small, discreet device that automatically starts to output a pulsate-like light pattern when you touch it. This actuates the device’s smart sensors, which then raise the temperature and intensity of the light to refresh your skin.

Results (Before & After)

When they first received this product to try, one did half of her face first to compare sides and was shocked at the noticeable difference. I re-apply the gel to keep my face moist while using it for ease of movement and generally it’s quite relaxing to use. You can slightly feel the micro-currents if you go up to the highest settings but it’s not painful in any way. I want to keep using it every night to see the long-term results, but so far I am really impressed with it for instant firming and lifting – highly recommend using it before going out to a special event!

Trophy Skin RejuvatoneMD

Is it Worth it?

Trophy Skin is a great brand for anyone looking to get the best at-home skincare products.

This facial skincare tool was designed to target these key areas on the face. You can use it on the neck, jowls, jawline, cheeks and forehead. It is quick and easy to use, so if you’re looking for a non-invasive way to get a facelift in one treatment session, then this device is perfect for you!

Trophy Skin RejuvatoneMD Review