ZIIP Beauty Review

What You Need to Know

The ZIIP is offered in two models: the GX and the OX. The sole variation between the two types is the sort of conductive gel (a mandatory complement to any electrotherapy skincare gadget) that each comes with. The GX includes Golden Gel, which is infused with genuine gold, and the OX includes Crystal Gel, which is manufactured with organic materials.

The ZIIP GX was created by famous esthetician Melanie Simon and tech whiz David Mason.

ZIIP GX is an ergonomic gadget that stimulates collagen and elastin formation with small, imperceptible electrical shocks. The device connects to an app, which gives customers access to various electrical combinations devised by Simon to lift, tone, and sculpt the face.

How to Use

Each box includes a ZIIP GX gadget which resembles a sleek computer mouse with two metal knobs, a container of gel, a user manual, and instructions for downloading the ZIIP app available on Apple and Android.

The device arrives fully charged and ready to use. To get started, go to the app store and search for ZIIP Beauty. You must join up using your full name and email address. The app will then prompt you to turn on the gadget in order for your phone’s Bluetooth to connect to it.

Once connected, you get access to seven full facials, seven targeted treatments for more specific needs such as contouring and plumping, and four long-term treatments.

Overall Design

The ZIIP’s high-tech style of functioning requires some practice. A brief scan of the user handbook is required for first-time users to ensure both safety (do not immerse the gadget in water) and correct operation. The example videos for each therapy are, for the most part, straightforward and simple to follow.

During my first few uses, though, I found myself slipping behind Simon’s example, primarily because I hadn’t applied enough conductive gel and wasn’t checking to see if the device’s light (an indicator of whether it’s actively conducting) was on. Pause the video and add more conductive gel if the device does not light up when put on the skin. The gadget will resume treatment at the point where it stopped off.

Ease of Use

The ZIIP GX employs nanocurrent and microcurrent technologies to deliver low-level electrical currents into the skin in order to boost adenosine triphosphate (ATP) generation.

Why do we desire increased ATP production?

Because it is the driving force behind the production of critical structural proteins such as collagen. What is the point of wanting more collagen? Because collagen is what gives our skin its elasticity.

Results (Before & After)

I’ve had the ZIIP GX for a little over three weeks and have had no problems. As promised, I’ve observed both instant and long-term benefits, most notably smoother and tighter skin.

To be fair, my skin was never particularly troublesome. I have the occasional breakout and dry skin in the winter, but wrinkles and severe dark spots were not pre-existing issues for me.

I also believe ZIIP treatments have improved the effectiveness of my nightly skincare routine, which includes toner, serum, moisturizer, and cream. I’ve noticed that my skin is noticeably more hydrated when I wake up, though this could also be due to the warmer weather.

Is it Worth it?

I would recommend the ZIIP to anyone searching for an at-home gadget to replace or supplement regular facials. I’ve found it to be particularly useful for breakouts, but anyone with severe acne should absolutely visit a specialist before purchasing. At the end of the day, whether ZIIP’s expensive price tag is worth its long-term benefits is a question of personal opinion.


In addition, my skin was more lifted and sculpted, and while I was still far from looking like a supermodel, the improvement was noticeable. Another advantage? The device has no downtime, so I could use it immediately before bed or right before leaving the house – there were no strange side effects to worry about, such as redness.

ZIIP Beauty Review