Sensica SENSIFIRM Review

Features summarised

Sensica Sensifirm has charging cable, base gel included in the package and it has also a travel pouch. The device helps contour and reduces the appearance of cellulite, accelerates collagen production, reduces the number of fat cells and creates firmer skin.

What You Need to Know

Sensica Sensifirm is a Radio Frequency technology with gentle vibrations and manual massage to create an unrivalled cellulite busting technology.

How to Use

Step 1: Make sure your skin is clean and dry.

Step 2: Apply base gel to area you wish to treat.

Step 3: Select energy level as instructed in the User Guide and choose which level is most comfortable for you.

Step 4: Place the device over the treatment area. Make sure that it is placed in full contact with the skin throughout the treatment.

Step 5: Move slowly the device over the treatment area in slow circular motions.

Overall Design

looks slimfit, having slimfit design does not put strain on users hand.

Ease of Use

It has easy manuever and convenient to use. It doesn’5 have to be connected to apps before using unlike other devices.


Results (Before & After)

Refults differ between individuals depending on environmentals and biological factors. During and immediately after treatment, you may feel your skin become warm due to the heat energy, and may turn slightly red.

If there are any discomfort, you should stop the treatment. But for those who really want to risk and check the results, better read carefully the instructions.

Is it Worth it?

Yes. This device makes you feel confident and better about yourself. It does help your body firm and reduces fats without going to gym. Aside from that this is convenient and easy to use, the device is not that expensive unlike other devices.

Sensica SENSIFIRM Review