Smoothskin Pure Review

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For many people who shave, the pursuit of smooth underarms is a never-ending cycle of razors, bumps and irritation. The prospect of perpetually smooth skin was a tantalizing one and with summer officially in full swing, it would be undeniably convenient to forgo shaving every few days.

The Smoothskin Pure is the best value premium at-home IPL money can buy. The clever skin sensor auto-adjusts each powerful flash to match your skin tone, so it’s super-safe for light to dark skin. It’s point-and-zap, light-weight and nimble, and with speed mode on legs it takes just 19 minutes for a whole body zapping. It’s the easiest and fastest home IPL I’ve ever tested.

What You Need to Know

The Pure is an IPL system that is easy to use and is FDA approved. It comes with a concise 9-step quick start guide, a comprehensive but easy read with helpful diagrams. It explains how the Pure works and what to expect, potential side effects, details of the clinical study, how to use it, skin sensitivity test, features and modes, maintenance

How to Use

STEP 1: Shave off all visible hair and remember to avoid using gels or creams with this device.

STEP 2: It is recommended that you test your skin in each new body area for a reaction to SMOOTHSKIN PURE before your first treatment.

STEP 3: TREATING WITH SMOOTHSKIN PURE: Plug the power supply into an electrical outlet. Turn on the device, and the skin sensors will turn blue, indicating that the device is turned on.

STEP 4: To achieve the best results, use SMOOTHSKIN PURE once a week for 12 weeks to ensure that all hair follicles are treated.

STEP 5: TURNING OFF THE SMOOTHSKIN PURE When the treatment is complete,

Overall Design

You’ll also love its nimble design that takes up very little space when stored in its neat little box. The Pure doesn’t deliver just visible results to smooth skin – it zaps away cellulite, acne scars and pigmentation too.

It’s point-and-zap, light-weight and nimble, and has speed mode on legs that takes just 19 minutes for a whole body zapping. It’s the easiest and fastest home IPL I’ve ever tested.

Ease of Use

The Pure is a full-featured at-home IPL machine with a built-in skin sensor that automatically adjusts each flash intensity for your skin tone to provide the best results. It’s super-safe for light to dark skin – so it can be used in any lighting conditions and across different parts of the body including face, neck, décolleté, arms and legs. From 19 minutes, it will zap away at least 20 years off your skin (based on a normal session).

Results (Before & After)

In a nutshell, the device was great for my pain level. My overall aches haven’t gotten better with this device, but it did help reduce some of my pain. During my first use, I didn’t feel any burning sensations or pain, which led me to believe that the heat had an impact on my overall health.

Thanks to its patented technology, our Laser Pod is designed to target problem areas and be gentle enough to leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

Is it Worth it?

This product has been a lifesaver. The reason I purchased this is because shaving my legs takes forever, it takes forever for me to get rid of stubble, and sometimes I don’t have time to shave again which leaves patches of hair throughout the day. I’ve only been using this for a month or so and my legs are like rock hard and I barely have any stubble. It worked wonders on getting rid of hair on my bikini line too. Very impressed!

Smoothskin Pure Review
Reader Rating1 Vote