MZ SKIN Light-therapy Golden Facial Treatment Mask Review

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Features summarised

MZ SKIN Light-therapy Golden Facial Treatment is powered by LED technology, contains five-coloured lights for targeted treatments, it calms and rejuvenates the complexion, and reduces and boosts circulation.

What You Need to Know

The device contains Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White Lights, all which different skincare concerns.

Red Light: Stimulates the production of the skin’s ‘youthful’ cells, Collagen and Elastin, so is perfect if you’re looking to treat the signs of ageing. It can also help with signs of inflammation.

Blue Light: Ideal for treating acne-prone skin, Blue Light balances and clarifies the skin, killing the bacteria that causes acne.

Green Light: This calms the skin. It’s perfect for dealing with pigmentation such as age spots and reducing the appearance of broken capillaries.

Yellow Light: This is the one for treating sensitive skin. It boosts circulation and lymphatic flow (drains toxins) as well as soothing and comforting the skin.

White Light: Otherwise known as Infrared Light, this treatment penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to promote healing and skin repair.

MZ SKIN Light-therapy Golden Facial Treatment : How to Use

Step 1: Make sure to clean your face first.

Step 2: Place Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device across the face and gradually increase usage from 10 to 30 mins, 2-3 times per week.

Step 3: Finish it with a touch of serum or moisturizer over your face, and neck

Ease of Use

Apply LED mask to cleansed, dry skin. Use 2-3 times per week, starting with 10 minutes of LED mask time and slowing building up to 20 minutes.

Discover optimum results after around a month of regular use.

MZ SKIN Light-therapy Golden Facial Treatment

Results (Before & After)

Definitely fades hyperpigmentation, but start out at least amount of time and lowest level of power to avoid getting burnt. Alternating between the blue and yellow has really helped clear my acne and make my skin much less congested and inflamed.

MZ SKIN Light-therapy Golden Facial Treatment: Is it Worth it?

The price is worth it because of its healing combination of the LED calms and rejuvenates the complexion while visibly diminishing hyperpigmentation and promoting collagen and elastic production for firmer, smoother skin.

MZ SKIN Light-therapy Golden Facial Treatment Mask Review
Reader Rating1 Vote