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Nuface Trinity Facial Toner Device Review

Features summarised

The NuFace Microcurrent Device is FDA-cleared and safe to use across all skin types and skin tones. It provides immediate lifting, sculpting and contouring results. The results last up to two days or longer after each treatment

What You Need to Know

The NuFACE Trinity device is a high-tech tool that uses microcurrent technology to send low-level electrical currents through the various layers of facial skin, all the way down to the muscles, to exercise them. Users can lift, firm, and tone the skin for a more youthful appearance by stimulating the underlying facial muscles.

We noticed dramatically higher brows, more sculpted cheekbones, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after our first session with the NuFACE Trinity. While the device does take a little more time and effort than other skincare tools, it also provides immediate and long-lasting results that make it well worth the price.

How to Use

The tool works by simply sweeping the device upward and outward along the desired treatment areas (again, the cheek, jawline, forehead, and neck). While both devices use the well-known portable microcurrent technology, the newer models have improved treatment and toning capabilities.
There’s even a NuFace app that can walk you through a variety of treatments to achieve the results you want. Most importantly, the new models offer three different microcurrent frequencies, whereas the original models only provide one. Skin-Tightening Mode blurs fine lines and wrinkles, Instant-Lift Mode lifts and contours, and Pro-Toning Mode targets deep muscle tissue.

Overall Design

The NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device is not as large as I expected for a product of this type. It is smooth to the touch and fits neatly into the palm of your hand. It comes with a charging cradle to keep the device charged at all times and has a two-week battery life.

It comes with the Facial Trainer attachment, but if you want to customize it, you can purchase additional attachments to target specific areas.

Ease of Use

The well-known Nuface Trinity at-home microcurrent device is suitable for all skin tones and types. Spend 10 minutes or more per session energizing everything in your skin, making it look and feel healthy and young. It firms and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth and dewy, and it can lift sagging skin and hooded eyes. Sessions are enjoyable and pampering, but they necessitate consistent and ongoing commitment.

Results (Before & After)

A great suggestion from me is to take a picture of your face before you start using the NuFace and another after 60 days of using it five times a week for the best results. I only used the NuFace for 30 days for this challenge, so I’m still on my sculpting journey, but I’m already seeing incredible results. In the beginning, I used the facial guide that came with my NuFace Mini to learn how to use the device and where to place it on my face.
I always started at my neck and worked my way up until I heard the device beep. Then I’d move on to another part of my neck and face, gradually working my way up until I reached the top.

Is it Worth it?

I’m a big fan of any device that allows me to take a more measured approach to the more invasive parts of my routine—if it comes down to time vs. money, I’ll take the five minutes of daily NuFace usage if it means significant savings on injectables. This experience that I have might not be for everyone. The NuFace demonstrated its ability to do things that injectables cannot, such as smoothing and lifting without needles or an hour in a waiting room. For me, this is worth every penny that I have.