FOREO UFO 2 Review

What You Need to Know

Foreo says the UFO 2 combines T-Sonic pulsations, thermotherapy, and cryotherapy to get the nourishing mask serum as deep as possible into your skin. It also uses LED lights to target imperfections and refines your complexion. And while there is plenty of supporting data for red and blue LED light therapy, the way the UFO 2 applies it raises several questions too.

How to Use

STE 1: Register

Your first step is to unlock and register your device in the FOREO For You app. This ensures your UFO 2 details are saved for your two-year warranty, syncs pre-programmed mask treatments, and serves as a handy guide for using and caring for your device.

STEP 2: Choose Your UFO Activated Mask

There is a mask for everyone, with a vast choice of masks to fit all skin types and issues. With the App to make masking even easier, the only challenge you’ll face is choosing which mask to apply because, with excellent ingredients gathered from all around the world, you’re guaranteed to love them all.

STEP 3: Use Your Power Mask Treatment

After picking your mask, treatments can be accessed in one of two ways: in App-paired Mode or in Quick-Start mode without the app.

STEP 4 – Taking Care of Your UFO 2

Cleaning the UFO 2 is a breeze thanks to FOREO’s ultra-hygienic silicone. Clean UFO 2 after each use to maintain it in good working order. Remove the plastic wrap.

Overall Design

This unique skincare device has so much to offer, including LED light therapy, heating, cooling, and t-sonic pulsations. With all of that technology packed into a palm-sized device, you’re one step closer to having the skin of your dreams. This step-by-step guide will help you make the most of your skincare routine and overhaul your self-care practices.

FOREO makes using this item so simple that you will actually use it. I have a pantry full of trendy beauty tools that I’ve invested in, but I simply don’t have 30 minutes or more to spare each day to see results.

Ease of Use

Just because it has a lot of features doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. To make an already straightforward treatment even easier, the device is operated through Bluetooth via the FOREO app, eliminating all guesswork.

You can make your own personalized routine, or you can choose a mask, which contains a tiny round of sheet-mask material soaked in the slick, potent formula of your choice, and secure it to the device using the gadget’s ring. Select the appropriate mask treatment from the app, and the device will start immediately when you begin your treatment (which the app will time for you).

Results (Before & After)

I’m always sceptical of masks and other beauty products that claim to achieve anti-aging results. It’s rare these days that I come across an app-enabled beauty item that doesn’t just promise more but actually delivers. Foreo ticks all the boxes with The Skin Care System.

Is it Worth it?

If you want the benefits of a high-tech manual exfoliator with a side of smart home technology, your best bet is the UFO 2. This acne-clearing product combines sonic vibrations, heat, and blue LED light therapy to gently cleanse your skin in as little as three minutes.

FOREO UFO 2 Review