JOVS Mini IPL Hair Removal and Anti-Ageing Device Review

JOVS Mini IPL Hair Removal & Anti-Ageing Device Review

This is the most stylish IPL device I’ve ever seen. It’s sleek, and modern, and comes in a gorgeous emerald green colour.

It feels smooth to the touch with its matte metal finish, and it’s Instagram-ready without being too flashy.

This is a premium at-home IPL device that boasts five targeted modes and focused flash windows for different areas of your body: legs, arms, bikini area (for your best hair-free results), underarms, and face.

The Venus Pro IPL from JOVS is well-designed and thought-out—the two-tier box feels decadent to open up. It has an auto-flash function that gives you speedy results, but still allows you to customize how much time it takes for the device to finish each session so that you don’t have to sit through an entire session just waiting for it to finish! The rotating head ensures comfortable sessions that don’t feel rushed or uncomfortable.

Compared to other devices at this price point, this one seems like an absolute steal!

What You Need to Know

The best part about this IPL hair removal device is that it’s not just for the face! You can use it everywhere on your body, including your legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line.

And unlike any other IPL machine on the market, this includes an LED skincare attachment. So once you’ve used the device for hair removal, you can adjust to “skin rejuvenation” mode and the device will convert into a red-light beauty skincare device for an at-home facial.

The anti-ageing treatment helps skin cells repair themselves and become healthier over time, keeping wrinkles at bay and apparently creating firmer, brighter skin. So already you’re getting more bang for your buck.

How to Use

You’re ready to get flashing!

First, check the user manual and do a skin sensitivity test. You can use a dermaplaning razor if you don’t want to shave your face.

Then, get yourself comfy in a well-lit room where you won’t be disturbed. A full-length mirror and extension cable is handy.

Put on the safety glasses. Then turn the intensity dial to your best intensity level (see the table below). The cooling fan starts and the device lights up.

Rotate the head to best fit your treatment area. Attach a flash window for your treatment area. Select the best mode matching your treatment area. Long press the flash button for 3 seconds to turn on auto-flash (optional). Place your window against your skin and after 1 second of exposure slide 1cm to the next spot and repeat. Continue covering skin in flashes, until all areas have been treated or until you run out of batteries (whichever comes first).

Overall Design

The Venus Pro is not only an alternative, striking-looking IPL device, but it’s also quite different to use compared to rival IPLs. So, next, we’ll look at how easy, precise, and comfortable it is, and what it feels like too.

The device itself has a nice weight to it—it’s not too heavy but also not too light. The buttons are all well-placed so that they’re easy to reach without having to crouch over them (the only exception being on/off button). It also comes with an AC adapter which allows you to charge your phone while using it (which is great because so many other IPL devices require charging via USB cable).

The only downside here is that if you have Bluetooth headphones connected then they’ll be disrupted by this device because they won’t be able to connect directly through

Ease of Use

It’s super easy to set up and use, too—just plug it in, turn on the device, and let it do its thing. You can select one of six different treatment areas on the bottom drawer of the machine: face, legs, underarms and bikini line (that’s six!), all of which are tailor-made to your needs.

The device is also equipped with anti-ageing treatments that help skin cells repair themselves over time so that wrinkles don’t form as quickly and you’ll have firmer skin that looks more youthful than ever before!

Results (Before & After)

I was a little apprehensive about IPL treatment at first, but now I’m a believer!

This device isn’t painful—it’s actually quite comfortable. I never felt anything but a slight tingle during the process, which helped me relax and enjoy it. The sensation eased up once I got the wheels moving, and it was almost painless once I’d finished up.

The device is sleek, stylish, lightweight, and has simple instructions that are easy to follow given there are so many different settings and heads to choose from.

Is it Worth it?

If you’re looking to remove hair from several areas of your body and get some added skincare benefits too, then you will probably be able to justify the hefty price tag. And if you weigh up your waxing appointments, it may even save you money in the long run. If ever there was a beauty product to invest in, this is most definitely it.

JOVS Mini IPL Hair Removal and Anti-Ageing Device Review
JOVS Mini IPL Hair Removal & Anti-Ageing Device Review