ZIIP GX Series Review

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Features summarised

Consider your skincare covered. Your ZIIP GX Series comes with everything you need to get started on your ZIIP journey, including:

  • The ZIIP GX device
  • Full-size 80ml Golden Gel pump bottle
  • 1 charging USB cable
  • 1 padded travel bag
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • ZIIP GX User Guide

What You Need to Know

Using wireless technology, the ZIIP utilizes both nano current and microcurrent to deliver skin that gets better every time you use it. Using the ZIIP App and our many sophisticated waveform combinations, you choose the results you want for your skin on any given day:

  • Clarify & even skin tone
  • Lift and sculpt facial contours
  • Diminish and prevent oncoming breakouts
  • Increase brightness + glow
  • Define the jawline and work on tech neck
  • Smooth the look of fine lines + wrinkles
  • Make eyes look more awake
  • Assist in lymphatic drainage

How to Use

Step 1: Download the ZIIP App for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Sync Treatment – Select a treatment to wirelessly send it to your ZIIP device.

Step 3: Apply Gel – Every ZIIP device comes with a full-size bottle of conductive gel. Apply liberally to face and neck before every treatment.

Step 4: ZIIP! – Easy videos within the app guide you through every single treatment, step-by-step, second for second. It’s like having your own personal facialist at home with you.

Overall Design

The box, presentation, and design of the product are unlike any beauty device you’ve ever seen. Simply the device looks like an insanely sleek, sexy computer mouse that you turn on and rub in circles over your skin to deliver nanocurrency—which is basically electricity.

 When turned on, it promises to deliver nano-sized electrical currents deep in the cellular level of your skin meant to zap bacteria and promote younger-looking skin.

ZIIP GX Series

Results (Before & After)

The results have been amazing — increased firmness and elasticity, decreased fine lines, minimized deeper lines likely due to the increased fitness of my skin.

My skin is clearer in terms of hyper pigmentation, which is not a huge problem for me (a routine SPF user) — can’t speak much to the pigmentation program, but what spots I do have, have definitively faded and the Ziip is the only change in past 4 months.

ZIIP GX Series: Ease of Use

Make sure that the download the app first so that the device will work on you. The instructions in using the device is very simple and understandable.

ZIIP GX Series: Is it Worth it?

The ZIIp is easy to use; there are a number of programs that you can download to an iPhone (Android programs are coming they say). The ZIIp results are better than the results I had with NuFace. The devices are different in terms of the “electronic cocktail” they provide. You also don’t need to use the ZIIp everyday to get results.

The ZIIp is enjoyable and easy to use (I use it about three times a week) — programs are accompanied by demo videos – can’t make a mistake on this one. There is a subscription service from ZIIp for the gel for a monthly fee — but truthfully, the gel lasts longer than expected.

ZIIP GX Series Review
Reader Rating1 Vote