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Sensica Sensilift Review

Sensica Sensilift – What You Need to Know

The Sensilift from Sensica is an anti-ageing device that reduces wrinkles, boosts collagen and serves to lift and tighten your skin through Dynamic RF

Ideal for targeting areas around the eyes, cheeks and neck.

Unique Dynamic RF technology where heat is applied deep within the tissue whilst giving a face massage improving penetration and stimulation.

The head contracts the fibres which stimulates collagen growth.

With built-in temperature gauges it keeps the device operating at a comfortable temperature.

Sensica Sensilift – How To Use

How to Use sensiLift™

  1. Prepare Area

    Apply a thin, even layer of sensiLift™
    conductivity enhancer included in your kit,
    on the area of your skin intended
    for treatment.

  2. Setup The Device

    Set the Radio Frequency (RF) energy
    level and the massage speed to the
    level you selected in your preliminary
    test treatment. Press the RF energy level
    selection button (see image – item 7 )
    repeatedly until you reach the desired
    level: 1, 2, or 3. Press the button (see
    image – item 3 ) repeatedly until you reach
    the desired level: 1 or 2.

    The activation of either RF or massage
    functions can be done independently or
    together. Both functions will be activated
    at level 1. Select different levels based on
    the “preliminary test”.

    sensiLift™ is equipped with 2 safety
    sensors which will keep the temperature
    in the effective and safe range during the
    whole treatment.

  3. Begin Treatment

    Place the treatment fingers (see image –
    item 2 ) on the intended area, ensuring full
    contact with your skin during the entire
    treatment. sensiLift™ will indicate the
    proper skin contact by the green status
    light. If sensiLift™ is not properly placed,
    the RF energy will not be delivered.

    If you do not feel sensations of warmth
    after approximately 10 seconds, try
    moving sensiLift™ on a smaller treatment
    area, and/or increasing the RF energy.
    Move the device on the treated area with
    slow circular or back and forth motion
    while constantly and firmly contacting
    the skin.
    See treatment areas, treatment time and
    treatments schedule in the “treatment
    protocol” section below.

  4. Finishing Treatment

    Turn off the device and then unplug at the
    end of each treatment session.
    After completing the treatment, wipe
    off the sensiLift™ conductivity enhancer
    from the treated area.
    Cleaning instructions for before and
    after are detailed (as depicted in the
    Cleaning section).

Sensica Sensilift – Features summarised

Sensica Sensilift – Overall Design

Sensica Sensilift – Ease of Use

Sensica Sensilift – Results (Before & After)

Sensica Sensilift – Is it Worth it?

sensica sensilift
Sensica Sensilift Review