JOVS Venus Pro Review

JOVS Venus Pro IPL Hair Removal & Anti-Ageing Device Review

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JOVS Venus Pro- What You Need to Know

The Venus pro is an incredibly elegantly designs IPL hair removal device – it promises hair removal that will last up to 4 weeks.

6 modes of hair removal for optimal coverage and a uses special SR photons that encourage rejuvenated skin

With a 180 degree rotating head and a small LCD touch screen it really is a sleek and easy to use device.

They offer 6 different heads that essentially penetrate the laser at different levels – making it perfect for every part of your body.

It boasts a photo rejuvenation SR mode that essentially helps boost skin’s collagen production – which in turn leads to improved elasticity, skin tone & texture.

Releasing 500,000 fast and continuous beams it should leave you soft and smooth within 10 minutes.

Not only that – the Venus Pro has a built-in semiconductor refrigeration system that keeps the whole application area cool to the skin and reduces overheating.

How To Use The JOVS Venus Pro

How to use the Venus Pro in 2 steps

Step 1 – Shave the area

First, shave the hair off the surface you want to treat.

Step 2 – begin using the device

Press the device against the skin to emit a gentle pulse of light to the hair root(twice on each treatment area). Use it three times a week for the first two weeks to slow hair growth and twice a week for the 3rd and 4th week to achieve permanent hair removal. After the treatment period, JOVS can be used once a month to do any touch-up that may be needed.

JOVS Venus Pro- Overall Design

This device is actually quite incredible looking – it does come in other colours but the “Emerald” version with it’s dark green matte exterior and champaign gloss finish on key areas just looks incredible.

The LCD backlist touch elements are also stunning.

JOVS Venus Pro – Is it Worth it?

What you get in the box is the following:

• JOVS Venus Pro
• Face Filter Attachment 1cm²
• Arm Filter Attachment 3cm²
• Bikini Filter Attachment 2cm²
• Leg Filter Attachment 3.6cm²
• Underarms Filter Attachment 3.6cm²
• Skin Rejuvenation Attachment 3cm²
• Safety glasses
• Razor
• Power adapter
• Manual

For the price you could weigh up how frequent you need to go through razors or go to the salon – but for us. It’ quite simple – this device performs very well – looks incredible and certainly delivers in terms of results.

So if you’re comfortable with the initial investment we’d definitely recommend it.

JOVS Venus Pro Review
JOVS Venus Pro IPL Hair Removal & Anti-Ageing Device Review
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